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What an incredible presentation of pap and dishonest drama.

The one time Jaime took the national stage was to backstab President Trump, helping establishment media and strengthening Democrat's false narrative.

It was an actual, armed insurrection when protesters breached White House security and injured over 50 Secret Servants in a direct attack on President Trump.

Jaime didn't utter a peep.

On January 6, President Trump told rally goers about intel he had concerning massive, coordinated Vote Fraud and urged attenders to "Peacefully and patriotically let your voices to be heard."

Jaime jumped in front of the cameras and ginned up an outcry over a protest where only one victim, a female Veteran who was un-armed, was shot to death by Capitol Police.

Other than that, she's always been a no-show in our district, comfortably ensconced with D.C. elites and media, slumbering while locally, officials tamper with our interstate highways and I-5 bridge, saying nothing while taxes, tolls, light rail and a planned bridge the U.S. Coast Guard has declared a be too low to accomodate navigation.

Jaime knows citizens have solidly rejected all this, but has stayed quiet as a mouse.

She's brave and bold?


She is a turncoat, a shameful opportunist, and a turncoat, accepting corporate donations and $2 millon in dark money from a secretive Pac, dumped into our district to confuse and divide voters

Joe Kent will replace her in Congress.

From: Brian Mittge commentary: Jaime Herrera Beutler earned our support with her brave vote

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