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Yo Joe- let's talk about WA3 and what is important here- not talk your Trumpet Puppet rhetoric about the other 434 districts.

To everyone else- Joe K*NT does NOT deserve your vote cuz he thinks-

A- EVERY mill in the District is tooled for 18' Doug Fir processing.

B- The Spotted Owl thing happened in the 70's and still rages today.

C- That roads EXSIST where old growth grows.

D- That Yalcolt Burn area IS/HAS old growth.

E- Wants to go head-to-head with WeyCo.

F- Doesn't know words NEPA SEPA exsist.

G- Doesn't know who owns which forest is where (USFS, DNR, WeyCo, James River, or home owner) or differences therein.

H- Doesn't know what FERC licensing is, or that it just happened on the Lewis.


K*NT sure can PUPPET TRUMP-ET cuz he assumes WA3 voters are really THAT Stupid to choose an "OUTSIDER" SHOUTING CRT- over Herrera-Buetler, the candidate who understands the local economies in Skamania, Cowlitz, Wahakikum, Lewis, Pacific & Clark counties- WHICH IS ALL TIMBER BASED YOU K*NT!

From: Letter to the editor: Herrera Beutler believes in our constitution, laws and democracy

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