Battle Ground company offers sealcoat services for driveways


Sams Sealcoat and Striping in Battle Ground is committed to keeping driveways properly paved and protected from the elements.

Owner Jonathan Sam started his business in 2019 after he became interested in the trade through one of his friends. The business handles minor or large-scale projects. 

“I’ve been sealcoating and laying asphalt since 2015,” said Sam. “It’s a true passion of mine and I absolutely love doing it. What got me in my own business was when I was working with a buddy of mine, did a job for him, and made a lot of money for him. I woke up one day and was like ‘why can’t I do this for myself?’”

Since he opened, Sam said business has been great and stayed robust throughout the pandemic.  The business advertises itself as a one-stop shop for all asphalt and concrete needs. 

During a typical day on the job, Sam analyzes what needs to be done and cleans the area before applying a sealer. 

Sam recommends people get their driveways resealed every two or three years. If the process is postponed, the asphalt can chip away and form cracks which will turn into a larger problem later on. 

“It is very important to get (the driveway) resealed because it helps with the sun, it helps from the rain, the snow, and all the weather we have here in the great (Pacific) Northwest,” he said. “It protects it that much longer in life instead of it being unprotected and going six or seven years without it getting sealcoated. If you don’t, you’ll get cracks in the asphalt, you’ll get water seeping into the crack, which will deteriorate the asphalt from the ground up.”

Sam said he enjoys the process of turning run-down driveways into something much better. 

Driveways tend to become grayish in color, which indicates it’s either dirty or not well-maintained. 

“When we come in and put that black sealcoat on it to protect the (outer) layer, it’s nice, rich, and beautiful,” he said.

In addition to resealing driveways, Sam also does striping work on things like parking lots. He also offers pressure washing, which Sam said is a helpful way to clear away dirt or debris that a rotary broom can’t. The business can also help with pavement maintenance. 

Sam has a couple of employees who he describes as “outstanding” and “courteous to the customers.” 

“They’re just all-around great guys who are very professional, and they wear their company logos at all times on the job,” he said.

Sam’s Sealcoat and Striping serves the Battle Ground, Hockinson, Brush Prairie, Yacolt, Amboy, La Center, Woodland and Ridgefield areas. They also do work in Vancouver, Camas, Orchards and the Kelso areas. 

The business can be reached at 360-843-0153. They are open everyday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Learn more on their website at