Battle Ground painting company stays busy during pandemic


Level 5 Fine Finishes in Battle Ground works to make homes and businesses in Clark County and Portland look their best while utilizing its 32 years of experience under co-owner Greg Agosta’s belt.

Co-owner Toni Agosta is proud of what they do.

“We are a painting company,” said Toni Agosta. “We mostly do residential remodels. Since COVID started, we’re really focusing on repainting people’s cabinets. Before that, we did commercial work like exteriors, interiors and fine finishes. Greg works quite often with designers, construction and homeowner calls as well.”

After working with different companies, Greg and Toni Agosta opened Level 5 Fine Finishes in 2017 but they had worked as contractors since 2005, she said.

One job the pair is proud of is the New Columbia Villa in Portland, which is an apartment complex in the city. The crew at Level 5 spent a month on the project on over 127 buildings across 82 acres, which Toni Agosta described as “incredibly intense.” The coronavirus pandemic started in the middle of the project, so the business was not able to complete the project themselves. The business was subcontracted by a larger firm, who ended up finishing the project. Other notable projects include the Oceanside Pier in California and sandblasting in factories.

Toni Agosta said their business stands out from its competition because they do “a level five job,” which is the highest quality job a professional painter can take. It involves being proficient at prep work, smoothing walls, and paying attention to minute details.

“If you look at your average wall, you got texture and drywall tape and so on. It’s bumpy in general and the texture hides anything underneath so a smooth wall is pretty much the height of perfection of an interior wall, which is what a level five job requires,” she said. 

Greg Agosta said a level three job covers a basic wall, but when working a level five job, he said it’s free of knife marks, tool marks and scratches, leaving a completely smooth wall. 

“That’s the kind of wall that you do inside hospitals, retail stores and higher-end homes,” he said.

Besides industrial sandblasting and cabinetry, Greg Agosta has experience in staining and fine furniture. Since the pandemic started, Greg Agosta said he has focused more on cabinetry and smaller-scale projects “to keep us less contagious.” The business has also experienced a staffing shortage as its seven person crew dwindled down to two other people. 

“It was brutal,” said Greg Agosta. “We were at the peak of our game, and then COVID brought us crashing down. Three months into it, I kind of had a crisis of identity because I’ve been a painter since I was 11. I decided to invest in a spray booth to do people’s cabinetry, so I built the website toward fine-finish cabinetry work. I’ve been booked out ever since and I’ve barely had a chance to take a break.”

One residential project Greg Agosta is proud of included a large domed ceiling, ornamental trimming, crown molding and pillars. He said they sanded all the trimming down to the smoothest point possible and finished with a lacquer.

Level 5 Fine Finishes can be reached at 360-713-1030 or through its website at


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