Battle Ground resident crowned Miss Greater Vancouver 2022


Battle Ground resident Natalie Worthy was recently crowned Miss Greater Vancouver 2022 after serving as Miss Battle Ground’s Outstanding Teen from 2020-2021.

Worthy, 18, is excited about the achievement and what’s to come.

“I feel so thankful and so overwhelmed by the opportunity,” Worthy said. “I have wanted to be Miss Greater Vancouver or Miss Clark County for a couple of years since joining the program, and I’m so thrilled and grateful for this opportunity.”

Worthy started the Miss America program when she was 16 when she competed for Miss Clark County’s Outstanding Teen. She placed as first runner-up at that time and from there, she competed for Miss Washington’s outstanding teen, where she placed as the fourth runner-up. 

“I realized (from the program) that I gained so many skills about personal development, speaking to an audience and being confident, and helping my community. So that’s when I decided to run for Miss Clark County, and that’s when I won the title of Miss Greater Vancouver,” she said. 

In terms of personal development, Worthy said she learned how to be herself and walk on stage confidently, as well as sing and dance in front of hundreds of people.

“At this latest pageant for Miss Clark County, I won the evening gown phase of the competition, which came as a big surprise to me,” she said. “But after seeing the judges’ notes, they all said that I was just so confident on stage, so I was so happy to have that feedback and to know that I have grown so much as a person and as a performer.”

To earn the title of Miss Greater Vancouver, Worthy said it takes perseverance and a whole lot more.  

“It’s not just about beauty and pretty dresses and big smiles,” she said. “It’s about loving your community and it’s about having a big heart and being able to compete not only for yourself, but for people around you.”

Worthy said she wanted to support people in her community and encourage youth volunteerism. She said the title also requires intelligence, poise, and overall kindness. 

Worthy started a social impact initiative called Leaders of the Future, which aims to build goals, volunteerism and life skills. She said she is dedicated to advocating for the greater Vancouver area, especially to get other youth involved, as she has volunteered since she was 7 years old. At that time, Worthy volunteered at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge where she planted trees. That inspired her to volunteer more in Clark County, where she learned how to make an impact for people in need. 

“I’ve seen the people that I have helped firsthand, and I see the need for young volunteers in the area, and I see the value that young people can have in our communities,” Worthy said. “So that’s why I decided to advocate for volunteerism and to get people more involved in the civic responsibility they have to their community.” 

Worthy believes young people who are not old enough to vote may feel like they have a lack of civic responsibilities or a voice in their community. If a person volunteers, then they’re able to be a part of a team or can be a leader in whatever organization they’re working in, she said. 

“When I help people in my community, I feel so much value knowing that I can help someone else’s life, and that’s a trait and a quality that all young people should be able to feel, knowing that they have such a value in their community when they help people around them,” Worthy said. 

Worthy is currently a student at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma and studies vocal performance. She plans on volunteering with an organization called Serve the People Tacoma, which provides food and basic necessities to people who are struggling with homelessness. 


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