Battle Ground roofing company strives to keep roofs up to par


Grant Roofing & Pressure Washing in Battle Ground works hard to keep people’s roofs up to date.

Founder Taylor Grant started the company, which he owns with his wife Emily and his brother-in-law, after he became disillusioned with corporate America.

“I learned how to roof back in 1997, went to college in 1999, and went to corporate America until 2014,” said Grant. “I just wasn’t really having a good time in corporate America. In 2014, I went on my own and we just started roofing, doing maintenance, and got ourselves a handful of employees in 2017. Here we are in 2022 and there’s about 14 of us.”

Grant said he handled mortgages and worked for various information technology staffing companies before he launched his business. Since starting the company, he hasn’t looked back. 

“We’re all about customer service and treating the customers the way we think they should be treated. That works very well for us and we’ve grown substantially in the last five years,” he said.

On a typical day, Grant said the crew brings their own dump truck to the job site and installs safety points around the roof as needed. They then start from the bottom and work their way to the top as they remove the old roofing system “all the way down to plywood.” They also replace all components of the roofing system and they don’t reuse any of the materials, according to Grant.

He said there are many common scenarios that can lead to the replacement of a roof. That includes if it gets too old. Grant said many roofs were installed in the 1990s and early 2000s and haven’t been replaced or updated. Some replacements result from incorrect maintenance, like not taking care of the moss on one’s roofing system or if there’s damage from improper pressure washing. Then there are non-certified roofing companies who install a “poor installation system,” which leads to leaks and other issues Grant has observed. A more noticeable situation is when a homeowner files an insurance claim, like after a tree falls on a roof. 

Grant said the company is a five-star master certified installer, which requires extensive training and certifications. As a result, the roofing systems they install come with a 50-year, 100% covered warranty. 

“If it’s a non-certified company, in which there are plenty of good ones that aren’t exactly certified, those warranties are prorated warranties, so that’s one of the big differences for us,” Grant said.

Grant said the choice to get certified falls on the owner of the company and is not a requirement by law to operate. He also said it costs “a lot of money, time and training.” 

The state does, however, require companies to be licensed, bonded and insured. 

“If you have those three things in construction, you can do almost anything. Same goes for roofing,” Grant said.

Since Washington is known for its rain, Grant takes precautionary measures before he starts on a job.

“We need a break in the weather for half a day or a day to tear off the roofing system, and then we dry it in with synthetic salt paper that’s waterproof, as well as ice and water shield,” Grant said. “It can rain on that all it wants because it’s waterproof. We just can’t expose the roofing system itself. Most of the companies where workers grew up in the Pacific Northwest are outfitted with tarps and other materials to be prepared.”

He added that before a job, they also check the weather every hour in preparation and temporarily install a tarp if it’s needed.

Grant Roofing has worked hard to create a “personable approach,” Grant said. The company has employees with over 20 years of experience who take their time to focus on each customer as best as they can, Grant said. He also said his company has some of the greatest warranties in the industry.

Once or twice a year the company fixes a roof for a family in need for free, Grant said. The business plans to surprise a mystery person with a fix later this month. 

Grant Roofing & Pressure Washing is located at 400 NW 14th St. in Battle Ground. They can be reached at 360-600-8027 and more information is available online at