Battle Ground’s Wolf Industries offers multiple styles of ADUs and a stress-free process


Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, have sparked a lot of interest in recent years.

Wolf Industries sales representative Kelsey Franco said they are great for aging family members, helping young adults move out early in an era of sky-high rent and even as permanent domiciles.

“We’ve got a lot of people who are looking to have this be their primary residence on a new piece of property,” Franco said. “So they’re not looking for those really expensive $500,000 three-bedroom, two-bath houses where we now have that three-bedroom, two-bath house for about $265,000.”

The production line in Battle Ground can take as few as 15 full days to pump out a completed build, but the overall process can take six months based on permit times. With Wolf Industries’ turnkey option, the future ADU-style dweller can choose Wolf Industries for the permitting process.

“If you choose to hire us as your permitting experts, the permitting process is taken care of by our experienced permitting team,” the business website states. “This phase consists of putting together your file, drawing the erosion control plan, site plan and stormwater conveyance plan.  These documents are then assembled into a permit packet to be submitted to the jurisdiction, adjusting and resubmitting as needed. Our guarantee is that if a permit isn’t possible, we’ll refund you the difference.”

After the permitting process is completed, the off-site construction begins in Battle Ground under a closed roof, protected from the Pacific Northwest elements. Wolf Industries’ field team will begin the on-site work and delivery and installation process.

Wolf Industries has seven models of modular tiny homes and prefabricated ADUs.

“We just released our newest one. The Model I is 1,232 square feet. It’s a three-bedroom, two-bath,” Franco said. “But then we go all the way down to the Model B which is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom at just 300 square feet.”

Wolf Industries’ most unique option is the Model H. The Model H is a 616-square-foot duplex with two identical studio style living spaces, each with their own full bathroom.

Future model options are expected to be around 850 square feet, according to Franco. Many jurisdictions require a primary housing unit on a lot to be a minimum of 850 square feet and some find the option of over 1,200 square feet to be a little big, Franco said.

Wolf Industries will search out subcontractors if other utilities are required beyond the basic site work to provide as little of stress on the homebuyer as possible.

“If you do need other utilities or anything added to your project, most of the time we can add that to our contract. And then we would search out the subcontractors and take care of getting all of that done,” Franco said.

Wolf Industries gets most of its materials from Lowe’s, including appliances, unless the homebuyer has other material and appliance options in mind.

Wolf Industries is family owned and operated, employing 65 workers at its factory and headquarters in Battle Ground.

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