Brush Prairie Christmas light decorating company prepares for upcoming season


For some people, putting up holiday lights outside can be one of the most fun parts of the holidays, while the task can be frustrating for others. 

Total Light Design in Brush Prairie does the work for those who fall in the latter category with a team of professionals so people can relax and decorate their home without moving a finger.  

Owner Vladimir Venger describes Total Light Design as a professional lighting company that provides design, installation, maintenance and the removal of holiday lights. 

“We took the light installation service to another level by customizing the lights to each individual house so that people could enjoy the professional lighting display during the Christmas season,” he said.

Venger said the mention of the words “Christmas lights” brings a smile to people’s faces and the team at Total Light Design likes to be associated with those feelings. 

One project Venger is proud of is a lighting display the company does every year at a property in southwest Portland. 

“The owner owns a large property right on the hill in downtown and he wants us to decorate almost every single tree, every bush, fencing and railing,” he said. “The job takes about two weeks to complete for a team of three people and once done, it feels like you are walking in a fairytale land. It’s almost another Portland zoo, just on a smaller scale.”

Since all the work they do is outdoors, climbing roofs and carrying ladders, especially in the rain, can be a difficult task, but the crew steps up to the challenge. Venger describes the employees as “very hard working and tough guys.”

One particularly challenging time Venger faced was when he worked on a house in Happy Valley. The temperature hovered in the 30s and frost covered the roof, but Venger’s father helped him finish the project in a couple of hours. As a result, the customer, who was battling cancer, was extremely thankful and wanted to continue using their services. She convinced her children to do the same. 

Venger said that when it comes to light choices, people’s preferences tend to shift every two to three years. This year, multicolored lights are the most popular option, although classic white lights were the preferred choice five years ago. 

For those interested in getting their holiday lights installed professionally this year, go online to


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