Camp Hope of Southwest Washington hosted CSI/STEM camp for youth


Camp Hope of Southwest Washington hosted a CSI/STEM day camp for youth from Aug. 7 through Aug. 9. The camp utilized the natural elements on the property for sciences, had the Police Activities League of Southwest Washington host activities for a day and much more. 

Camp Hope is a non-profit organization with a goal to help youth get outside and thrive with outdoor-based learning and adventure. 

“Getting the kids down to the river and you know, that hands-on experience, this is the best location to do that,” Camp Hope Executive Director Karen Phillips said. “It’s a great opportunity for kids to really experience science, as opposed to reading it in the book or seeing the pictures.”

The Police Activities League of Southwest Washington made an appearance during the camp to teach children about law enforcement, safe driving and what investigators do. The league members created an investigative scenario where the kids dusted fingerprints, tested fibers and played a little “whodunit,” Phillips explained. 

While the children went from different stations throughout one of the days during the camp, they also enjoyed simple outdoor games and helped build teamwork skills. 

“Today’s generation is an indoor generation,” Phillips said. “ Childhood has moved indoors, and reports indicate that kids are averaging 44 hours a week on a screen and less than 10 minutes a day outdoors. So, we are here to help kids overcome those trends and overcome the trends toward obesity, loneliness and the rising mental illnesses that our youth are experiencing, with outdoor fun, making friends, learning new things and building healthy relationships with caring adults.”

Phillips said the most common feedback she hears from the children is that their favorite thing about the day camp is making new friends. 

Other days of the CSI/STEM camp had a Clark Public Utilities representative teach about solar energy and hydropower. Another day at the camp included making tie-dye shirts, paint rockets and burning a name tag onto a piece of wood. The camp helped to indulge kids into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

This week, from Aug. 15 to 17, Camp Hope will partner with Journey Theater for a theater-themed camp. From Aug. 21 through Aug. 23, Camp Hope will host an Outdoor Art and Activities Day Camp. 

Camp Hope of Southwest Washington is also available for facility rental, which includes day-use shelters, group cabin camping and day-use rental for 50 to 150 people. 

For more information, visit, or call 360-666-9136.