Christmas Loop in Woodland gathers food donations for families in need


For the month of December, Scott and Liz Landrigan are hosting a Christmas Loop in their Woodland neighborhood to spread holiday spirit and help collect food donations for kids in need. 

The loop runs from Embassy Loop to Statesman Drive in Woodland, which is the neighborhood the Landregans live in. The couple collects food from their neighbors and sends it to Woodland Public Schools’ Family and Community Resource Center (FCRC), which then distributes the donations to families in need in the community.

“We came from Kaizer, down in the Salem area, where we saw a Christmas loop,” Scott Landrigan said. “When we got up here to Woodland, we were originally out in the country, so there wasn’t much of a loop to light up. But now that we’re in the city, I go a little crazy on holiday decorations every year, so I was thinking of a way to get the rest of the neighbors involved, as well as get some food for our local food charity at the same time.”

Scott Landrigan said 32 of the 38 houses on Embassy Loop and Statesman Drive are lit up with Christmas lights. On every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the month, they collect food in a barrel at different participating houses and then bag the donations. The next morning, the Landrigans move the donation barrel to the next house, “so everybody has a chance to host the food barrel.”

Scott Landrigan said the effort brings in around 150 pounds of food a night. The event will run through New Years Day but food donations are only collected through Dec. 26.

“We’ve had a pretty successful drive here,” he said. “We have pretty generous people in the community. A lot of people give a ton of food, and we want to make sure our residents are fed during the whole year, but especially during the holidays.”

Scott Landrigan said the loop also hosts a scavenger hunt. A few of the houses have unique Christmas designs, like Santa on a teeter-totter and deer eating out of a trough, which kids are encouraged to point out. It was designed to get kids involved in the event as they cross off the things they find on the scavenger hunt list. 

Since the roads are linked together, Scott Landrigan said he doesn’t currently plan on expanding the loop in the coming years, but he said it has been fun to watch more people get involved.

Since the Landrigans go all out to decorate their home for the holidays, it has inspired others in the neighborhood to do the same and has elicited participation in the food drive. 

“After we got a bunch of houses lit up, then we decided to go ahead and try the food drive, which has been pretty darn successful,” Scott Landrigan said. 

The FCRC coordinator, Gabrielle “Gabby” Meador, is also happy from the success of the food drive.

“It’s been huge,” said Meador. “They’ve fully stocked our shelves last year, and this morning, they dropped off about six Ikea bags worth of food. (Scott Landregan) said, ‘bring the bags back, because there’s more to come.’”

Meador said FCRC reaches out to the families in need and offers resources, including food. The center fills boxes with the items and the families who need it pick up the supplies.

“It’s really helpful because over Christmas break, the schools are closed, so our students who are used to coming to school to get their free breakfast and lunch, they have a two-week period where they’re not getting those meals,” she said. “Being able to distribute the boxes before break is very helpful.”

Donations can only include non-perishable items that are boxed or canned, like soups, vegetables and cereal. 

Scott Landrigan encourages others to come to the neighborhood and drop off food as well.


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