Clark County Fair returns to Ridgefield


Thousands of people poured into the gates of the Clark County Fairgrounds on Aug. 5 as the long-awaited fair returned to Ridgefield. 

Butler Amusements featured a plethora of beloved carnival rides like the Ferris wheel and the Ring of Fire, which is a loop de loop. 

Beyond that, many entertainers showed off their skills. They included Professor Smart’s Science Show, which featured a performance highlighting tricks with Slinkies.  Other performers walked on stilts in Halloween-style costumes, and the one-man band featuring Eric Haines, performed a cover of “Dream a Little Dream of Me” in the middle of the fairgrounds.

A variety of vendors sold their wares on the opening day of the fair. They featured Eye Clothing Co., which sold T-shirts and sunglasses, and Ade Africana, who sold African masks and tribal gear.

The fair’s public relations manager Jim Beriault was present on opening day and was happy to see the community come together once again for the highly anticipated return of the event following a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Opening day has gone great,” Beriault said on Aug. 5. “We had thousands and thousands of people show up for the free pancake breakfast, which was wonderful to see now that we’re back after two years.”

He said the employees at the fair worked hard to “bring back as many of the elements that people really love,” like the carnival rides, food vendors, and concerts, which included Daughtry and Cheap Trick.

“So far, it’s only three quarters of the way through day one (and) we’re seeing really good crowds,” Beriault said on Friday. “It feels like people are super happy to be here. They’re enjoying themselves, and you just see grandparents, kids, and newborns and all the families are out having fun, so that’s great.”

Beriault said one of his favorite parts of the fair is getting milkshakes from the Dairy Women, which is one of the vendors at the event.

“As I’m getting older, I need to cut back a little bit, but overall, I try to have at least three or four (milkshakes) during the run of the fair,” he said with a laugh.

He also enjoys the motorsports events, like the side-by-side racing, which was a new event added this year. The animals are another one of his favorite offerings at the fair. This year, the fair features cows, alpacas, cats, goats, and a section of reptiles, among other animals.  

The fair also includes an extensive 4-H section, which includes a space solely dedicated to robotics. One of the robots on display was an aluminum machine called the Clover Bot, which shot basketballs using a remote control. It was built by Prairie High School’s 4-H program.

Brenda Johnson, who works with 4-H robotics, said it is a problem-solving and networking program that allows kids to learn about robotics and participate in competitions.

“Not everyone is big into sports, so (4-H robotics) is kind of for kids who maybe want to be on a team and want to do a fun sort of activity, and it’s always good to learn how to work well with your neighbors, but also have fun doing it,” Johnson said.

The Clark County Fair will run until Aug. 14. It’s held at the Clark County Fairgrounds, 17402 NE Delfel Road, Ridgefield. 

More information, including a full schedule, can be found online at


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