Firm Foundation Christian School lists honor roll students


Firm Foundation Christian School’s Administrator Julie Olson released the names of students who earned end of year awards from either ASCI or by achieving honors or highest honors for the final semester of the 2021-22 academic year. 

Honor roll is based on a student’s grade-point average for that term and serves to recognize students who have achieved outstanding grades, acknowledge their efforts, and to encourage their future educational success.

Highest honors recognizes students attaining a GPA of 3.7 to 4.0, while honors recognizes students with a GPA of 3.3 to 3.69.

The ACSI Distinguished Christian High School Student Award recognizes select sophomores, juniors, and seniors for their achievements in academics, leadership, fine arts, athletics and Christian service.

“This has been a year of challenges and uncertainties and nevertheless these students have shown commitment to their education, adapted, learned new skills and have been successful in attaining their goals,” Olson said. “We are incredibly proud of our highest honors and honors students.”

ACSI Distinguished Christian High School Student Awards:

Academics: Emily Bourne, Elsa Helmes, Josh Holmgren, Trevin Long, Neva Matson, Hannah Rommel and Cohen Young

Leadership: Kaitlyn VanDyke

Fine arts: Esther Rogers

Athletics: Emmy Bourne, Elsa Helmes, Josh Holmgren, Trevin Long, Esther Rogers, Hannah Rommel and Alexa Vesely 

Christian service: Josh Holmgren and Esther Rogers 

2021-22 semester two honor roll for high school

Highest honors (3.70 – 4.00)

Ninth grade: Diltaj Gill and Bridget Hein

Tenth grade: Emily Bourne, Neva Matson, Elli Rogers, Hannah Rommel, Michael Ryapolov, Jackson Salmi, Alexa Vesely and Analiese Vesely

Eleventh grade: Elsa Helmes, Trevin Long and Esther Rogers

Honors (3.3 – 3.69)

Ninth grade: Harsimran Gill and Sulamita Pavlenko

Tenth grade: Isabelle Cavazos, Ella Hoosier, William Matson, Azariah Mironenko, Nicholas Panfilov and Cohen Young

Eleventh grade: Joshua Holmgren and Kaitlyn Van Dyke

Twelfth grade: Kaylee Horn

2021-22 semester two honor roll for middle school 

Highest honors (3.70 – 4.00)

Sixth grade: Emeline Baird, Abby Verbrugge and Elizabeth Young

Seventh grade: Mark Budey, Jazmine Deryavko, Raheem Houdroge, Charlotte Jones, Ainsley Percival, Carolyn Riley and Mathias Thompson

Eighth grade: Lika Bordian and Sulamita Mironenko

Honors (3.3 – 3.69)

Sixth grade: Olivia Palmer and Anika Vos 

Seventh grade: Brayden Grudi, Cassidy Haushild and James Malos 

Eighth grade: Brooklyn Hoss, Evan Karnaukh and George Pushkashu


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