Firm Foundation hosts STEAM night for its students


Firm Foundation Christian School in Battle Ground held its third STEAM night as students learned more about science, technology, art, engineering and math on Friday, Jan. 27. 

This year’s event included approximately 225 students and their families who participated in 12 STEAM-themed activity stations that were set up throughout the school, stated a news release from Firm Foundation. 

“The space-themed STEAM night brought students and their parents together in a fun and educational atmosphere,” stated a news release from the school. 

A staff member of the school ran each of the activity stations and was assisted by a high school student STEAM coach, who helped younger students complete the activities. 

The activity stations focused on things like the lunar landing, rocket propulsion, moon math and “galaxy milk.”

Each student received a passport and earned stamps at each station. Once the students garnered six stamps, they were entered into a drawing to win STEAM-related prizes like a rocket kit, solar space robot kit or a string art activity. 

“This year’s STEAM night at Firm Foundation was an exciting event for staff, students, and families, as it had been two years since the last STEAM night event. … Firm Foundation Christian School will continue to actively implement STEAM concepts into its academic curriculum throughout the school year,” stated the release. “STEAM night was an excellent way for STEAM concepts to be highlighted for students and Firm Foundation Christian School is already looking forward to STEAM night in 2024.”

Open enrollment for Firm Foundation Christian School opens on March 1. Families who want to enroll their students can fill out an application online before meeting with the school’s enrollment specialist. 

Firm Foundation offers preschool, full-day kindergarten, first through eighth grades, and high school.

For more information, call 360-862-8382 or go online to firmfoun