Horse enthusiast opens new business to train, watch horses


Shanel Funk is a jack of all trades when it comes to horses. 

To utilize her love and passion for equines, Funk launched a new business in Battle Ground. She drives to various locations throughout Clark County to train people’s horses and helps with other tasks, like shoveling out stalls or providing companionship to the animals.  

“I’ve been into horses pretty much all my life and I know how stressful it can be to get everything that you’re supposed to and/or want to do, especially if you are a horse owner who really enjoys showing or competing,” Funk said. “That adds even more stress to your schedule.”

Funk has held a multitude of jobs. She was a cashier, a lifeguard and a marketing associate, but she “got tired of it.” Since she enjoys being outside and loves to be around animals, Funky’s Farm Favors seemed like a perfect fit for her.

“I’m kind of like an equine handyman, if you will,” Funk said. “Being a horse owner myself, I know having a full-time job and then trying to get everything done for your horses as far as cleaning, feeding, exercising, etcetera, sometimes it’s a lot and you don’t necessarily have the time to do it.”

She wants to be a “helping hand” for anyone who is stretched thin. 

“I have clients who have me ride their horses once or twice a week for exercise, just to keep them moving during the week,” Funk said. “I have a couple clients that I’m actually training their horse for them and giving them a lesson as well. I give lessons to people who are learning to ride.”

She also helps people clean their stalls and farm-sits for owners who are on vacation. 

“(I like) pretty much everything,” Funk said. “I love being outside, especially in the summer months. I love the sunshine. The horses themselves, that’s the biggest part. Me, personally, anytime I’m having a down day or a rough day, I’ll go to my barn and I’ll go see my boy. As soon as I’m out there with my horse, everything just kind of melts away, and I’m happy and care-free, essentially.”

She also enjoys helping her clients, who share the same passion she does. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s an easy environment to be in, but for me, it’s very easy and pleasurable, and I definitely enjoy it. Even if I am cleaning stalls and shoveling poop,” she said. 

Funk has a few recurring clients who are horse trainers. She helps them at different events, like the horse show at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, she said. Another client has a horse breeding farm and a broken ankle, so Funk helps assist the staff with the horses and helps take care of the client’s dogs. 

“(The clients) are all really nice, all pretty laid back, but of course, all focused on their animals,” Funk said. “They want to make sure their animals are getting the best care.”

More information on Funky’s Farm Favors is available on Facebook at


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