In Loving Memory of Dr. Blayne D. Perleth Sept. 20, 1939 - Nov. 15, 2023


Dr. Blayne Darwin Perleth of Vancouver, Washington, passed away after a brief illness on Nov. 15, 2023. He lived a robust and joyous life and will be missed by his extensive extended family and friends.

Blayne received his bachelor’s degree from Pacific Lutheran University where he was particularly influenced by the chorale director, R. Bryard Fritts. He went on to receive both a master’s and doctorate of education from the University of Northern Colorado. His career in education included several teaching and administrative positions in southern Washington State following a yearlong teaching assignment in Zweibrucken, Germany.

Combining his devotion to education and love of travel, he and his late wife, June Conway, traveled extensively in Europe and Asia through the People-to-People Program. This enabled them to escort cohorts of middle and high school students on educational tours. After fully retiring from education, June and Blayne also traveled tirelessly throughout the United States and Canada. They traveled across the continent by car several times choosing either southern, northern or middle-American itineraries. Stopping in national parks or to visit their countless friends, they enjoyed hiking, dining locally, going to movies and plays, and playing board games.

Blayne lost June in January 2021, but he continued to enjoy their wide circle of friends and the company of her family, including the Canadian McCombs of Southern Ontario. In addition to continuing his daily walks, Blayne frequented several clubs and groups including Norse Hall, a men’s cooking group, classes at the Vancouver Senior Center and a folk-singing group, among others.

He was very fortunate to be surrounded by loving friends, family and two dedicated caregivers as well as a devoted companion, Karen Petrillo. He was liked and admired by the tenants of his rental properties and enjoyed visiting the properties to ensure their soundness. He never tired of spending time on the Oregon coast, especially Seaside.

Blayne is survived by his sister Marilyn Tate (Larry), and the children of his late sister, Barbara Custer, of New Zealand: Erika Kari-Custer, Ingrid Mona-Custer, Kjell Tai-Custer and Daniel James Tai-Custer.

Donations in memory of Blayne can be made to the educational organization of your choice.