Letter to the editor: Amber Baker cultivates community, builds trust and communication


Dear Ridgefield Community,

What do you get when you cross a Stanford University graduate (undergrad and master’s) and a Ridgefield farmer? The Amber Baker, candidate for Ridgefield School Board position 2.

I am so proud to endorse Amber Baker for the Ridgefield School Board. Amber has created a campaign centered around cultivating community, building trust and fostering open communication. She can enact positive change in our schools with her background and expertise.

The diverse group supporting her campaign exemplifies Amber’s ability to unite people. We have individuals from all walks of life — old and new residents of Ridgefield, moms, dads, retirees, educators, builders, farmers, service workers, grandparents, students, doctors, program directors, pilots, small business owners, advocates, engineers and more. What unites us all is a shared purpose — the prosperity of our schools. Amber firmly believes that working together can create an educational environment that empowers our students, supports our teachers and prepares our community for a prosperous future.

Amber’s commitment to Ridgefield goes beyond her involvement in the school board race. She has actively contributed to our community as a farmer, understanding the values and needs of our local agriculture industry. Her dedication to fostering open communication ensures that every member of our diverse community will have a voice in shaping the future of our schools.

Please visit Amber’s website “amber4ridgefield.com” for more information regarding her vision and how you can support her campaign.

And remember to vote on Nov. 7 for Amber Baker Ridgefield School Board Position 2. Together, we can continue to build a brighter future for our schools!

Casey Fisher