Letter to the editor: Americans need to elect better candidates


Just when you think it cannot get any worse, the Republican Congress vacates their own speaker. Huh? Did Americans elect these idiots to govern? Does not look like much governing is taking place, more like revenge and retribution! That means no legislation and/or governing can take place until they elect a new speaker. Ridiculous! So who do they like for speaker? Jim Jordan, an alleged sex abuser enabler, and Steve Scalise, in his own words, “David Duke without the baggage.” Really, an abuse enabler and a KKK!

Come on America! We need to elect people to Congress that want to make America better, not worse! It appears that Republicans cannot and do not want to improve America. In that case, we need to elect Democrats and Independents who want to do the work to make America better! Joe Kent and Donald Trump do not want to make America better.

Kai Lee