Letter to the editor: Are we ready for another emergency non-emergency?


“Monkeypox declared global health emergency by WHO (World Health Organization) as cases surge.”

Folks, are we ready for another emergency non-emergency? Are you ready for another blow to our economy? Are you ready for another crazy election?

The China owned clown Dr. Tedros Adhanom is spouting off and spreading fear once again. Remember how he covered for China, and didn’t come clean on the dangers in the beginning of COVID? His record on the last emergency was dismal at best. Are any of us wise enough to see that the closer we get to the November elections people in high places and the mainstream media are preparing many distractions to once again make Americans question election integrity. That’s even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently shared a first public look at monkeypox case demographics, which showed the vast majority of cases have been among men who have sex with men, with a median age of 36. Lord help us if any of us mentions this fact. We’ll be canceled, and labeled homophobic or religious zealots. We cannot run from every disease that turns up in this world. I certainly hope China didn’t have anything to do with this in some way. China never has really come clean about the last pandemic. Please, people be careful, safe and stay the course. We’ll get through this if we do.

God Bless America.

Norman Phillips,



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  • MJRocks

    Gather if you're Conservative as I quote Thessalonians-

    Thessalonians 4:16 names the name of the BEAST/666 Guy by-name in the 400 YEAR OLD TRANSLATION-

    Yet his brainwashed followers (TRUMPETS & MARKS) see this blasphemous tyrant mob-boss as THEIR savior- believing they are saved from the religious fraud they know the Antichrist commits in his deception of the Masses--

    - Which of course they fell for-

    - Which of course they gave their MARK and voted twice for-

    - Which they welcomed grabbing Pu $$Y as Presidential BUT stood the line over deleting emails-

    - Which they are chosing to fight a civil war to keep the BEAST in power for-

    - And which of course is costing them their eternal salvation since they gave their MARK- TWICE!

    Thursday, August 4, 2022 Report this