Letter to the editor: Calling Jan. 6 an insurrection a ‘distortion of the facts’


I watched Tucker Carlson’s program of the Jan. 6 event. The Jan. 6 committee did not allow any cross-examination. Distortion of facts by the participants was a narrow view of the events on Jan. 6. What Carlson did was to expand the view of that day. The overwhelming majority of protesters did not act badly or violently. Not one of them has been charged with carrying or using a firearm outside or inside the Capitol building! Out of the 1,000 charged with trespassing, 20 people are being charged with sedition. At the ellipse that day, the crowd was estimated to be between 50,000 and 80,000. Of that number, 10,000 peacefully and respectfully walked to the Capitol as President Trump asked them to do. Of the crowd of 10,000 at the Capitol, 2,000 entered the Capitol building! Please divide 20 by 50,000, which comes to .0004 percent of the crowd at the ellipse that are being charged with sedition.

Amplification of the word insurrection by the media has become an absolute distortion of the facts. All of this has been an attempt to destroy President Trump’s return to the White House! One thousand citizens of the 2,000 who entered the Capitol building did not cause any trouble. Fifty percent of the citizens who entered the Capitol were more or less tourists as the Tucker Carlson video indicated. Ordinary citizens, like myself, have an innate ability to understand the distortions that the Jan. 6 committee is trying to pass off as facts! The video is available to anyone who is actually interested in the truth! Because of the pandemic, mail-in voting was allowed and encouraged. Control of mail-in voting was almost nonexistent, and signature verification of ballots was almost impossible to detect. Most of the Democrats on the Jan. 6 committee are lawyers, and they do not understand the First Amendment, as they are suppressing free speech.

Is not editing the President’s ellipse speech by taking out the words “peacefully and respectfully let us walk to the Capitol” padlocking the truth? Breaking windows and kicking down doors was awful. Vandalism is never acceptable! If you only saw the video that the Democrats wanted you to see,you would never know the whole story. The goal of the Jan. 6 committee and the Democratic Party is willfully blinding us citizens of what happened that day from being honestly shown. Citizens who are so full of hate will never accept the fact that President Trump did not cause 1,000 citizens out of 50,000 to trespass and 20 to sedition. Because the haters of Trump will never forgive him for defeating Hillary. The media, as well as the left-leaning citizens, wanted a malleable president like Biden so they could proceed with their agenda to fundamentally change our country into their vision of a worker’s utopia. The economy will affect all citizens and when that reality sets in, the backlash will be great.

Tom Nelson