Letter to the editor: Capital gains tax is effort to make richest among us pay more tax


I noticed that a number of Republican state legislators as well as the owner of The Reflector were pretty upset about the recent passage of an excise tax on people who take in $250,000 or more a year in capital gains.

I found this gnashing of teeth to be somewhat strange and hope most of your readers understand this capital gains tax is an effort to make the richest among us pay more tax.

My husband and I had two professional jobs during most of our working lives and never would have had to pay taxes on capital gains under this new legislation.

Please remember that paying taxes is not inherently bad. Life comes with rights and responsibilities. Government has to be funded by something if you want things like roads and their maintenance, unemployment insurance, etc.

Why not ask people who take in a great deal more money than most of us do, to pay more in taxes? Particularly since Washington state does not have a state income tax?

The Reagan tax revolt hasn’t exactly caused all boats to rise.

Pam Webster,