Letter to the editor: Cast your vote for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez 


As a resident of Southwest Washington, I am deeply concerned about our district’s lack of leadership. Republicans have a stranglehold on this seat and it is time for that to change. Thankfully, Democrats have a strong candidate stepping up to the plate: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez. 

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler must go. Yes, she voted to impeach the traitorous former “president.” However, Democrats should not ignore the rest of her voting record. She has an “A+” rating from the extremist Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization. She is anti-choice and is complicit with the erosion of reproductive rights for people with uteruses. 

I am terrified about the future of this country. Republicans like Jaime have been treating The Handmaid’s Tale as a manual for how to govern instead of as a warning. Our democracy is at stake, but it can be salvaged if we unite around candidates who support equality and progress.

Marie Glusenkamp Perez is a small business owner and a pro-choice mother. She understands the threat we face from the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade and the radical anti-choice authoritarianism sweeping the nation. I urge everyone to check out her website and cast their vote for Marie in the primary.

Our democracy depends on it.

Libby Harold, 



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  • MJRocks

    I'll quote the bible too-

    Thessalonians 4:16 names the name of the BEAST/666 Guy by-name "TRUMP"- Not "TRUMPET" in the 400 YEAR OLD TRANSLATION-

    Yet his brainwashed followers (TRUMPETS & MARKS) see this blasphemous tyrant mob-boss as THEIR savior- believing they are saved from the religious fraud of the Antichrist-

    which of course they fell for-

    which of course they gave their MARK and voted twice for-

    Which they accepted grabbing ***** as Presidential but stood the line over deleted emails-

    Which they are chosing to fight a civil war for-

    And which of course is costing them their salvation-

    Friday, July 29 Report this