Letter to the editor: Clark County Council may open large can of worms


The Clark County Council works very hard. They meet multiple times weekly to keep the county working.

For example, they are creating a new Land Management Plan, overseeing the Railroad Overlay Plan, and revising their rules of procedure, to name only a few of their many tasks.

Heads up: One proposed change to the rules of procedure allows the council to curb public comment. The council may increase or decrease the three-minute allotted time and/or total amount of time for public testimony of all persons speaking on a particular topic upon approval of the council. Twenty minutes total is the number suggested.

I attended a council meeting in person in January and public comments went on for at least an hour. That is good. Public comment is our input to the council.

Given the complexity of the issues the council decides, the proposed rule change limiting public testimony to 20 minutes total per meeting — at the discretion of the council — makes me wonder what has happened to their willingness to listen to their constituents. You would almost think they didn’t want to hear from us. What if they don’t like a group or individual who wants to speak?

Calling for public comment on issues concerning the county and then severely limiting it is extremely counter-intuitive and smacks of former phone-in town halls, which pre-selected comments and ignored opposing views.

I fear they are opening a very large can of worms.

I urge the county council to reconsider their proposed position on limiting public comment at council meetings.

Linda Micheel,