Letter to the editor: Democrats caused much of country’s problems


In the recent letter “Vote for America, not political parties,” Kai seems to actually identify with a party: the Democrat Party, while accusing the Republican Party of the very issues Democrats endorse.

It is the Democrats who allow for more guns on the streets — allowing criminals to walk free after they commit crimes. Democratic cities’ DA’s blame systemic racism for crime in major cities but never criminalized those who burned down cities in 2020. Those same DA’s allow for unabated theft so that major stores are forced to close their doors.

It is Democrats who allowed in 2020 for voting boxes to be put in major cities so that there was no chain of custody for ballots collected. Democrat secretaries of state violated election laws, unilaterally changing how we vote — rather than the legislatures as directed by the Constitution.

It is Democrats who took away medical choice by forcing an untested vaccine on Americans who didn’t want it.

Democrats attacked any voices who challenged those vaccines and “canceled” them on social platforms.

It is Democrats who would not allow for the Constitution’s Bill of Rights to be lived out the past three years: freedom of assembly, religion, speech, etc. were all under assault by Democrat-run states/cities.

Joe Kent stands for the opposite of the above Democrat policies.

Joe stands for America. He doesn’t want tax dollars to protect Ukraine’s borders when ours are wide open, allowing for millions of unvetted, mostly young, military age men to come in. Does anyone know where they’ve gone?

Joe doesn’t want those illegal guns, plus the fentanyl to come across our Biden-enforced unprotected borders to kill Americans. Trump’s policy was to build a wall to protect us.

Joe stands for parents’ rights, not the Democrat policy of calling them “domestic terrorists” because parents desire free speech to address/challenge curriculum mandates and be silenced at school board meetings.

Joe is for leaving our tax dollars here to provide for/protect Americans instead of handing them over to Ukraine, China, Iran, etc.

Joe is for allowing women in sports to continue the vision of Title IX.

Joe is against sex trafficking and the drug cartels that come in freely on our unprotected borders.

Re: Trump’s indictments, charges, lawsuits: From the beginning it was the Democrats who lied about Trump — the Durham report exonerated all those lies (Russia collusion, Steele dossier, etc.), and at some point, we’ll understand that the same Democrats are lying again.

A vote for America is a vote for Joe Kent.

Ann Evans