Letter to the editor: Democrats have taken our voice and vote away


Chad Taylor, the publisher of The Reflector, stated for decades, Washington’s Supreme Court ruled that taxing net income from any source was an income tax.

But earlier this month, the Washington Supreme Court which is made up of all Democratic Party adherents, just like the governor and legislative majority, tossed aside 10 public votes and decades of settled law and ignored the plain words of the constitution and the superior court judge’s ruling and made their own law instead.

They said this capital gains excise tax on income is constitutional.

Democrats have been telling us Republicans we are going to end our democracy. Democrats have taken our voice and vote away. It doesn’t sound very democratic.

It sounds more like a dictatorship. Now that they have crossed the line from listening to what the people want, you can expect many more such actions in the future.

Monty Winton,

La Center