Letter to the editor: Democrats, not climate, will be our end


Where is fair play when the FBI, DOJ and IRS play favorites for the Biden family? Free speech hangs by a thread in our two-tiered system of justice today. Democrats throw whistle-blowers under the bus and biased media ignore them altogether. The only whistle-blower leftists respect is the non-existent one that Adam Schiff claimed had the “goods” on Trump back in 2017 and 2018. 

Most politicians lie, but if Joe’s nose grew each time he lied it would reach to China. Hmm. Actually, it does. China has been “Biden” its time for such weakness. The president refuses to drill for more of our God-gifted oil to force us into electric vehicles. This collusion only benefits communists. China has all but cornered the market on EV components. This is not about climate; it’s about corruption and globalist greed. The elite jet around the world burning tons of fuel to tell us how to live. They eat lobster, caviar and stay in lavish hotels all on our dime. Craving more power, their religion of climate convinces scared and naive kids that the end is near. 

Of course, none of these predictions of doom ever come true. Climate will not be our end, democrats will. Their green agenda of “gloom to doom” will bankrupt America. Another aspect of our ruin is sanctuary city crime, which worsens as Democrats coddle criminals. Crime-ridden streets have become their mental institutions for a growing homeless population and a bank for liberal politicians. They ask for more and more money but fix nothing.

Progressives have not learned or don’t care that evil will progress when morality fails. This will get worse as Democrats enter their election phase. All the bad that Joe has created for America is blamed on “MAGA” Republicans. His party excels in name calling. Those of us who don’t believe in the left’s oppressive agenda are called divisive, racist, phobia-laden zealots, terrorists, etc. They will repeat this diatribe over and over to keep it fresh in the minds of uninformed voters, the MSNBC and CNN crowd. 

Conservatives believe in God, family, country and a true education, not this woke nonsense practiced by the left. Merit, honor and hope are being purged from children. They deserve to grow up happy, hopeful and loved. Let them be kids. We believe, too, that guns don’t have a mind of their own, except for Alec Baldwin’s, and women’s sports should be played by women only. Unfortunately, Democrats cannot yet define what a woman is. 

Perhaps when we hit rock bottom, morally, we will find our hearts and God’s good grace.

If ever there was a time to pray for this nation, this is it. Free us of the racist division, gender ideology, media and corporate censorship and corruption that Democrats have lost their minds with. Bring back common sense and justice for all. Vote conservative.

Roy Schimelpfenig