Letter to the editor: Focus more on facts, less on belief, and stop ranting


As a rant, Mr. McCroskey’s commentary in The Reflector on June 2, 2022,  receives an A+. Focus your anger and fear at the government and its leaders, most likely the leaders of only one political party. Since he once served in local government, I will assume he knows nice people there, and is mainly talking about national government. I wanted to let him know there is more than one party serving in our nation’s government, but he seems to believe that only one is the cause of all of America’s problems. 

He mentions his concern about lies. Does he believe the leaders of this other party, including a former president, do not tell lies? He himself lied when he stated, “to defend Taiwan’s border with China.” Taiwan is an island and has no border with China. Perhaps, we should use the current politically popular term: He was misleading.

A rant also gains one attention, inflames others and probably some applause from members of a certain other party. Does Mr. McCroskey really want to inform or be understood by the rest of us?  If he does, he should focus more on facts, less on belief, and stop ranting.

Darrell Anderson,

Battle Ground 


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  • liberalsbane

    You attack a rant with a rant of your own? You refer to a mistaken use of the term border and label it a lie? Doubtless you see yourself as possessing a generosity of spirit. Try employing it.

    Tuesday, June 14 Report this

  • valleyforge

    Mr. McCroskey is a reasonable person who would rather make a friend than an enemy.

    He was not ranting or attacking anyone.

    He was telling the truth about policies that have driven our society and our nation into disarray.

    We know that with President Trump, our economy was humming, employment was at record highs for minorities, employees were getting wage raises, former middle east enemies were making peace and learning to cooperate with each other and probably most important for consumers, America had become energy independent, a net exporter of oil.

    Now Biden is going to the Saudis with his hat in his hand, begging for oil, and Americans are forced to pay incredibly high gas prices.

    This is how Democrats and big government liberals 'Build Back Better.'

    Only people on government programs, people who are ideologically locked in to ******** 'rights', anti-Second Amendment policies, visceral Trump-haters and people who can't see the evidence before their eyes will continue to trust Democrats with the economy and their own family finances.

    I understand that these truths hurt the feelings of loyal leftist Democrats, but you can't make the facts go away.

    Pump that gas and hope women can find tampons and baby formula, while our food prices continue to skyrocket.

    Wednesday, June 15 Report this