Letter to the editor: Follow the science — there are two sexes


Hans Christian Anderson wrote a short fable called “The Emperor has no Clothes.” 

It’s a story about a vain, gullible emperor who hired two weavers to make him a new suit.  Unbeknownst to the emperor, the weavers were thoroughly dishonest and brazen. They made imaginary clothing and told the emperor only the smartest and most competent types of people would be able to see the clothing.  The dull witted and incompetent would see nothing.  On the day of the parade through town, they helped the king disrobe and he donned his imaginary duds.  As he walked through town, the people could see the emperor was naked but dared not say a word for fear of being canceled.  Besides, who wanted to appear stupid and incompetent?  It took an innocent child to exclaim “the emperor has no clothes.”

It’s a story about people afraid to criticize something or someone as being wrong, for fear of the supposed wisdom of the masses. Who wants to be called a bigot?

We have just finished two years of a pandemic where we were lectured to by a government that said “follow the science.” If you did not get vaccinated, you were really stupid.  Dr. Fauci even said “I am the science.”  Being a believer in vaccinations, I dutifully got three shots just before I came down with COVID.  Now, we are lectured by that same government about the wonders of transgenderism as if it is a real, verifiable medical phenomenon. It isn’t. They are lying to you. Sure, you can cut and paste all you want and take drugs to suppress God-given hormones, but as far as there being a real possibility of changing your sex, it doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, in modern day America, the emperor stops the parade, puts on a dress, applies makeup along with his size 12 high heels and we are told to “follow the science.”  Except there is no science.

I do not write this to antagonize or insult anyone, but the truth is there are only two sexes.  I repeat for you Ivy league types: only two sexes.  Furthermore, you cannot change your sex by your feelings and wish it into existence. You just might simply be watching too much Oprah.  This has all the earmarks of men wishing to have sex with children without consequences and the idiotic libraries, schools and dim-witted parents go along with this lunacy.  There is also a little matter of chromosomes.  They are unchangeable. 

But you identify as some other sex, you say?  Try identifying as all paid up with the IRS when you owe them money and see how far that gets you.  Sorry, Rachel Dolezal, you are not Black.  You are a fraud.  These men and women need the truth and counseling, not legitimacy.  It is one reason why the Muslim and Communist countries say we are only fit for destruction. They think we are mentally and morally insane. They might be right. The Bill of Rights was never meant to be a suicide pact.  It is time to stop this insanity before it ends in violence.

Children need to be protected and not used for the latest left wing avant-garde political purpose.

Tom Regan,

Battle Ground