Letter to the editor: God help us if voters do not come to grips with reality


Voters have the right to pick whatever candidate they darn well please and for whatever reason.

That being said, after watching developments in our local area, state and nation, an obvious question arises: What in the world are voters thinking?

Otherwise intelligent, reasonable people keep voting for Democrats, even after witnessing an open border situation with escalating cartel activity, child sex trafficking, fentanyl deaths, foreign terrorist “gottaways” and record illegal crossings.

Education systems that have stepped away from academic mastery of reading, writing, math, history and science, transitioning instead to bizarre indoctrination of other people’s children into leftist social issues including predatory, sex-obsessed “gender identity” instruction, LGBTQP advocacy and drag queen story hours for grade school children, as academic performance plummets.

Surrender of our former national energy independence based on our own abundant natural resources, to dependence on hostile foreign countries for the oil that powers our economy, as gas prices rise and unusual shortages of goods become routine. 

Ridiculously high grocery prices. Increasing taxes, regulations and fees, including a 49 cent per gallon tax at the pump in Washington state.

Skyrocketing crime, as our state Legislature eases penalties for known criminals while handcuffing law enforcement.

Escalation toward American boots on the ground in a foreign war between slavic cousins in a distant land, with taxpayers already having financed $100 billion in advanced weaponry and aid, now to include our best high-tech tanks.

All this after abandoning $67 billion in advanced weapons and ammunition, helicopters and fighter jets in Afghanistan, with Americans still stranded there.

Washington’s governor and Legislature releasing the worst of the worst known child sex predators into our communities.

I can only conclude that some of my fellow citizens are saying, “Yup, yup, yup. I’m voting Democrat because, well because ‘the news’ and impressive politicians tell me that the other guys are bad.”

I’m beginning to believe that if some of these voters were told to drink drain cleaner, they’d slug it down with gusto.

Will we ever reach a point where voters stop repeating the same mistakes, worsening public safety, harming their economy and personal finances, putting national security at risk and setting their children up for academic failure, sexual confusion and vulnerability to sex predators?

God help us if these voters do not come to grips with the realities around them.

There’s not much further for our society to fall.

Robert Larimer,



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  • Jbk2933

    Well, said. Hope voters wake up. Just hope they can use common sense to make decisions. Our country is being destroyed by democrats

    Thursday, February 23 Report this

  • markridge


    Had your party not had a fit about JHB, she would have been a shoe in.

    But nope, you had to punish her for calling tRump out for his attempted coup.

    Then, the local R party went to work, and the best they could find to run was Kent.

    Talk about drinking the kool-aid.

    So, in conclusion, the local R party had a fit, then they promptly shot themselves in the

    foot. That's reality.

    Saturday, February 25 Report this

  • HonestJoe

    Excellent insight Robert. A region dominant in timber industry, agriculture, trades and manufacturing did not vote for Marie Perez, or Joe Biden and cackling witch Harris, for that matter. And so we have the much taboo topic of corrupt governments who are hidden hands of the elites pulling strings behind the scenes. They are local, more local than you'd like! Pretty soon they'll be exposed. civilian patriot volunteers and contractors are already on it.

    As for Mark Ridge's comment, know, Mark Ridge, that your days of boastful ignorance are numbered. Just as are the days numbered for Gay Pride flags and Ukraine flags flying in the suburbs across Washington State. By the time this 5th gen unrestricted war is over, nobody will want to be associated with or identify as a lunatic Democrat!

    Friday, March 3 Report this