Letter to the editor: I am appalled by childishness of some Republicans 


Playing a game with my granddaughter was not fun. When she lost, she would scream and holler, claim she won, the rules were not followed, and other players cheated. She is 11 now and has matured. She accepts losing graciously if not happily. As an “old school” Republican I am appalled by the childishness of some Republicans. They might mature too, but that is doubtful since they are already “adults” (chronologically if not mentally and emotionally). 

Bruce McClay,

Battle Ground


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  • Jbk2933

    I am appalled by your article. The real childless acts are from the democrats. Several examples, Hillary Clinton cried for years that she really won the election and Stacy Abrams to this day she win the governor postion in Georgia. You only blame one party when it fits your narrative. For once dont be a liar and share all facts. Time to grow up Greg. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful and hopeful the truth is out there

    Wednesday, November 23 Report this

  • misterz

    Jbk2933 Clinton concede the election on Nov, 9, 2016. Abrams never said she won, just did not concede. Neither were election denier.

    Saturday, November 26 Report this

  • Jbk2933

    Another lie Clinton said the election was stolen from her. Yes conceded, but was a election denier. 5 dems contested the electoral vote in 2016. Look up the tapes. Demo are the biggest deniers.

    Sunday, November 27 Report this