Letter to the editor: I am asking the REA to vote to return to their classrooms


As a parent of children in the Ridgefield School District I am writing in support of getting our children back in the classroom. I love and support our teachers but do not support the harm the union’s strike is doing to the children and students in our community. 

I attended the school board meeting and was disappointed at the feelings and words shared there. The union co-president was out of line when she used the name of a board member’s child in her public comment. How can we have faith that our teachers are treating our children in the classrooms with inclusion and respect when this behavior is allowed? The divisiveness felt was tangible. 

One parent said the teachers were being bullied, and I believe they are, but not by the board members, but by the union members who call them “scabs” if they don’t align with them. There are many people in the community who want kids back in school, but we are accused of not supporting our teachers when we speak up for our children. 

I have spent many hours and years supporting our teachers. I love our teachers who work hard to love each of our children and stand as positive influences in their lives. I have spent a lot of time recently visiting with teachers, board members, and district employees, and understand that negotiations should be continued with both parties working in good faith. But our children want and deserve better now. They are going day to day wondering when they can go to school and they are missing out on valuable time that should be used in the classroom. We are doing them a disservice by allowing these unprofessional behaviors to continue.

I am asking that the REA votes to return to their classrooms so we can continue to help all of the children in our district. Let’s let the teacher teach, the parent’s parent, and the students learn. This is R town. We are Ridgefield and we can do better.

Amy Draper, 



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