Letter to the editor: I fear the problem is beyond anyone’s ability to solve


Placing the current gas crises at the feet of the president and his administration is short sighted and stupid. It is true that there are things the government could do or not do that might relieve the rising prices, but there are too many contributing factors that complicate the issue. Ignoring the crises in Ukraine and the shutting down of the Russian oil spigot, here are a few (only a few) other factors causing escalating gas prices: 

The lack of available oil workers and rising pay for those who can work. 

The lack of needed supplies and when available the escalating cost of those supplies. Oil companies are finding it difficult to get the steel and pipes that they need, and when they find them, they are paying premium prices. 

Oil company investors want the “buck” now and do not want to put the “buck” into upgrading production or the exploration and drilling of new wells. They are motivated by fear that climate change and increased government regulations may limit oil production, therefore, it’s best to grab what you can.  

The current administration is in a “no win” situation. We, the American people, talk out of both sides of our mouths at the same time. Out of one side, we holler “do something,” while out of the other side, we say “keep your nose out of private business. No socialism.”  I fear the problem is beyond any person’s — even the president’s — ability to solve. God help us. Perhaps He is the only one who can.  

Bruce McClay, 

Battle Ground


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  • liberalsbane

    You are the perfect example of the old maxim--those who know the least about a given subject are usually among the first to offer an opinion...frequently in full throat. Biden owns this crisis. When you shut down the supply, you get a shortage which forces up the price.

    Tuesday, June 21 Report this

  • Aoneill

    18 months ago we were energy independent and an oil exporter. What happened? Joe Biden.

    Monday, June 27 Report this