Letter to the editor: If Democrats take back the House, they will make this bad dream a reality


Under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution we have “the right to bear arms.” This means we, as Americans, don’t have to explain why we use or own guns.

Some people find joy in hunting, but what if I told you hunting wasn’t the main reason the Second Amendment was written? Some aren’t aware the Second Amendment was written not only to enjoy hunting, or even to protect yourself from harm, but the founders knew the dangers of big government and the challenges we’d face as a nation if we didn’t have the ability to protect ourselves from a takeover of big government down the road.

We’re now staring at an America many of us don’t recognize and won’t recognize in the future if we don’t stand now. President Joe Biden and the Democrats would love nothing more than to take the ability we have to protect ourselves and to protect our country from becoming totalitarian and welcoming the beginning stages of one-world government. Biden’s calling on Congress to ban assault weapons and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez will vote with Hakeem Jeffries to do it.

If Democrats take back the House, they will move on legislation to make this bad dream a reality.

For me, personally, this legislation can’t pass because while it’s imperative we all have a right to protect ourselves, the protection of my own life physically depends on someone else’s “right to bear arms” and our capability to exercise this right at any given time.

Being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, I’ve been given both a gift and a curse of having to put my faith and trust in people who can use whatever they must to protect me and their own life.

If this avenue of protection is taken away, how do we protect those who can’t protect themselves? Please think of the damage about to ensue if President Biden and his allies get their way as we enter 2024.

Carley Meuchel,



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  • Mackep

    You seem to forget the GOP back in 1994 (when it was a still a political party, not a band of lunatics) overwhelming supported a 10 year ban on assault rifles. Now a bunch of crazies, during observance of National Gun Violence Survivors Week in Feb 2023, introduced HB1095 to proclaim the AR-15 as the :National Gun of the United States". Among other crazy things, the repub clowns now in the US House have passed a bill to abolish the IRS, MTG, now on the Homeland Security Committee, is talking a :national divorce" with the red states seceding. Hopefully they won't sue for child support. A Sen Scott R-Fl calling to end SS & Medicare in 5 years, and on & on.

    Wednesday, March 8 Report this

  • HonestJoe


    Repeat gun violence overwhelmingly is generated in Democrat run cities, that already have very strict gun control ordinances and laws in place. Criminal gangs and criminal elements are empowered by Democrat policies that prevent police from enforcing the law. These are situations where criminals get to walk free with no cash bail after committing murder, and the list goes on and on and twists and turns depending on which Democrat sh*t hole you want to examine. Seattle is a good example, but N.Y.C., L.A. and Chicago are a real gems.

    No enforcement means criminals are empowered to commit violence. They already have a psyche where they don't think like the rest of law abiding society. They are very dangerous. But Democrats want to let them be criminal thugs.

    Most of the gun types used in repeat gun violence are hand guns. Hunters, outdoorsmen, and gun enthusiasts in general all practice and demonstrate a high level of gun safety, that criminals do not. They are law abiding. Show the statistics for violent death resulting from the handling of guns by experienced and even intermediate law abiding gun users. Driving a car on the highway at rush hour is more hazardous.

    You have an empty argument that the GOP is full of gun nut crazies. You cannot even prove that statement with your non sequitur argument about the GOP supporting a ban on "assault rifles" 10 years ago.

    The real crazies in our country want to see our citizens stripped of power and prosperity, and remove their only means to protect their loved ones, and these crazies are not Republican!

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  • LouiisB

    Let's look to one of the authors of our founding documents:

    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms, disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes." - Thomas Jefferson

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