Letter to the editor: I’m not voting for Don Benton in November


Well there you go, the past trying to repeat itself. I am referring to Mr. Don Benton running again for a political office. I wonder how many remember his previous apathetic approaches to politics? You can fool some of the people some of the time. I hope he does not fool enough people in November to land his rump back in yet another political seat that he will not adequately fill. 

I was at a Farm Bureau gathering weeks ago and there he was, pitching his yarn that he grew up on a farm and supports farmers. Seriously, I would expect that he ran as far and as fast as he could to get off of that family farm. Farming is hard work. I grew up on a farm and presently own one. I doubt Mr. Don Benton could pitch hay any better than he pitches his verbal hay. 

Nope, I did not vote for Don Benton weeks ago and will not vote for him in November. Don leeched himself to my elbow at the farm picnic and could not stop talking about his previous touted accomplishments while I tried to politely listen to the speaker up front pitch his political scheme. As Don passed me a paper that pitched his wonderfulness in past political escapades and attached a thank you envelope that I suppose he wanted me to enclose a contribution I glanced briefly then turned away. As I later left the table, the paper and envelope sat there untouched and forgotten. My memory of Don’s exploits are not forgotten. Nope, not voting for Don Benton in November.

Aletha Criss,

Battle Ground


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