Letter to the editor: It’s her body, her right and her choice


Fellas, we’d fight to the death defending our medical rights and privacy from government interference. And yet, men who claim to be stalwart champions of individual liberty and limited government are lining up around the nation to implement unconscionably intrusive laws controlling women’s medical rights and privacy, all under the ludicrous guise they are defending the unborn. Balderdash. The unborn are not legally recognized citizens with rights to defend. And nature, or God if you prefer, literally and irrefutably put childbearing women in charge of the unborn. You are entitled to hold your religious beliefs, but the First Amendment explicitly prevents our secular government at any level from enforcing them upon others. To suggest otherwise is a hypocritical and un-American betrayal of the very liberty you righteously defend for yourself. You are free to loathe abortion, and to that end I highly recommend you undergo a vasectomy to take responsibility for your potential role in causing one. But make no mistake: It’s her body, it’s her right, it’s her choice. Don’t tread on her.

Thomas Samuels,



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  • liberalsbane

    It's her body? There's another body--the baby's. Has she the right to kill it? You say yes--I say no!!!

    Wednesday, June 22 Report this