Letter to the editor: La Center City Council working hard for residents


I want to publicly thank La Center City Council for giving me the opportunity to serve on the council in position number 4. Since my appointment I have been listening and learning. The most common topic from the citizens is the issue of police services.

The council is working diligently on this now. During every council session there is time for public comment in person, by video or in writing. Please do not hesitate to express your concern on any city issue. In addition, each councilor can be emailed.

On Sept. 20, Mayor Tom Strobehn did another Question and Answer session at La Center City Hall. Transparency and involved citizens will help make La Center a better and safer place to live. Go to ci.lacenter.wa.us.

City Councilor Myrna Leija

La Center

Editor’s Note: Myrna Leija is currently running for re-election for La Center City Council.