Letter to the editor: Leija wants what is best for La Center


Myrna Leija is the right choice for City Council for La Center. She is open-minded, thoughtful and a deep thinker who wants what is best for La Center. She is adamant that safety and police services are one of the current utmost important issues to be solved for the city. Her background in safety services gives her keen insight beyond the average resident’s knowledge. Besides being knowledgeable in several areas, she is also aware the future will hold new challenges. She is committed to hard work to help ensure a healthy community. My experience with her is that she does her homework and listens carefully to what is being presented on a number of important issues. She is a deep thinker whose only goal is to serve La Center. If you are interested in a public servant who will work for you, I would encourage you to vote for Myrna Leija for City Council. Her keen attributes are knowledge, wisdom, experience, curiosity, tenacity, honesty, accessibility and a strong will to get the jobs done for the good of all. She has my vote.

Margene Gerton Rivara

La Center