Letter to the editor: Letter about Jan. 6 was misunderstood by others


Hopefully, Mr. North and Debra Owens will reread the article that I sent  and was printed in the Reflector on Sept. 25. The media attempted to blame President Trump for the damages that did take place on Jan. 6. The president said at the ellipse that day for the citizens to peacefully and respectfully walk to the Capitol. I would like to speculate that most citizens, myself included, would be interested in knowing why most of the media, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC edited out President Trump’s statement for the citizens to peacefully and respectfully walk to the Capitol.

What was the goal of the media? To blame the president for the damage? My goal in the article was to objectively analyze the facts of the number of citizens who were present at the ellipse that day and compare that number to the number of citizens charged with sedition. Daily we are told that we need a free press. I agree, but please, the media and press must be honest and not edit out the facts. But that is not the goal. Their goal is to set a tone that they want.

Mr. North and Debra Owens and the media attempted to exaggerate the word insurrection to link President Trump to everything as negative as possible. The dictionary definition of insurrection is “a violent uprising against an authority or government.” On Jan. 6 one person, a trespasser, was killed. She was killed by a guard as she crawled through a broken window. On Jan. 6 there was a lot of damage that took place to the Capitol that would not have taken place if the crowd at the ellipse had followed President Trump’s advice to peacefully and respectfully walk to the Capitol. At the ellipse that day, 10,000 peacefully and respectfully walked to the Capitol as President Trump had asked them to do. Of the crowd of 10,000 at the Capitol, 2,000 entered the Capitol building and 20 have been charged with sedition, as they should be charged! By now you have noticed that I have repeated President Trump’s statement for the crowd to peacefully and respectfully walk to the Capitol. I have done this on purpose to make up for this statement having been left out so often! Debra Owens’ statements and math are confusing to me, dividing 20 by 50,000 is .0004, whatever. For a non-hater, Debra Owens and a person who has convicted President Trump of crimes before a trial is not fair or just! “I don’t respect him because he’s a vulgar, dishonest, narcissistic crook who now faces four indictments and 91 criminal charges.“

President Trump did more for Americans of African heritage than President Obama did, therefore, if I have an opportunity, I will vote for President Trump! Please, citizens, expand your sources for information as there is a lot of objective information available, and hate is counterproductive!

Tom Nelson