Letter to the editor: Letter of endorsement of David Shook for sheriff


By now, most citizens are aware of David Shook’s elite professional background. While I compliment him for his achievements, I am endorsing him based on his vision for the future of Clark County and its sheriff’s office. 

David has answers, right now, for the biggest problems facing the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the public. He has the vision and foresight to resolve today’s problems and prepare for tomorrow’s. His plans will restore public services, combat waste, preserve taxpayer dollars, and when they must be spent, spend them wisely.

David will tackle, head on, the problems at the jail. He will reorganize the CCSO to be more efficient, more effective and more accountable to the public. He will ensure that both his deputies and the administrative staff have access to the most current training. His goal will be to increase the safety of the CCSO and of the citizens of Clark County.

I encourage all Clark County voters to find out where David will next speak and then go listen to him. I have no doubt his vision, knowledge, energy and willingness to tackle such a tough job will cause you to vote for him. 

Change is needed at the CCSO and David brings the responsible change we need.

Michael R. Ramon,

Retired deputy director of the United States Marshals Service


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