Letter to the editor: Myrna Leija a blessing to La Center council


I support Myrna Leija to retain her seat on La Center City Council. Residents have already experienced how Myrna will represent them during her recent appointment, and many have come to know her since she relocated to La Center in 2018 from a decades-long residence in Battle Ground.

She has hit the ground running since that move and is well-suited for this role on council. She is committed to making those around her better, and this overflows to the connections she makes as she seeks to meet all the residents of the city and areas outside city limits, as she respects the entire La Center community and recognizes that the decisions made on council impact people more than just those that cast votes within the city limits.

Myrna has the inviting but discerning temperament to serve, protect and engage with the people of the city she loves. At a recent candidate forum she articulated how her skill set and relationships from her long career in law enforcement and health care will benefit her in achieving her goals for bettering the city. This includes working toward getting La Center its own police force; supporting business and recreation; and maintaining safe roads, parks and paths for the residents. I was drawn in by her humor, ease and well-thought-out answers, as was the audience. She gave examples to validate her commitment to solving concerns that citizens have already brought to her, not only making sure they feel heard, but seeing those concerns resolved to the person’s satisfaction.   

Myrna’s heart really is for people, and she lives out her deep faith by having open arms to anyone. Whether it’s the mayor or the person behind the jail bars, she treats them equally with kindness and graciousness. For decades she was in teaching leadership with Bible study fellowship while working and raising her growing family; she is well grounded. From King County Women’s Prison Ministry to working with male inmates at Larch Corrections Center, she sought to bring light into a dark place. Her goal is always to lead with a loving heart and direct those she came in contact with toward hope and rehabilitation. She has the gift to be able to connect and find common ground with just about anyone, and this will be an asset to the diversity within a growing population. Myrna’s life’s journey and qualities will be an enriching blessing to her fellow councilors, business owners, visitors and residents from the silver generation down to young children.

She is not one to sit on the sidelines when there is work to be done, and I ask that you don’t either. Citizens of La Center, turn in your ballots and please elect Myrna Leija as councilor, Position 4.

Wendy Rush

Battle Ground