Letter to the editor: Pavenko’s opinion right on Putin, wrong about Kent


Mikhail Pavenko’s opinion piece (Reflector, Joe Kent echoes Russian propaganda, Sept. 6, 2023), correctly identifies Vladimir Putin as a murderous thug, intent on grabbing land in Ukraine.

I have Ukranian — and Russian — friends who are appalled at Russia’s brutal military adventurism in Ukraine.

That being said, I take issue with Pavenko’s perspective regarding Joe Kent, 3rd Congressional District candidate.

Joe Kent is anything but pro-Russia. His military and Intel experience qualify him to critique the present administration’s policies, and he is correct to point out that from early medical, food and clothing support, to now heavy artillery, tanks, jet fighters, drones and other expensive hi-tech military support, the U.S. is now entangled in a dangerous escalation in a faraway war between Slavic cousins.

Russian media have now published threats of nuclear war against America.

Recent reports reveal rampant corruption in Ukraine.

This week, the Biden regime announced another billion in taxpayer dollars will be sent to Ukraine.

No one, including Joe Kent, excuses the suffering of Ukraine’s citizens, but it is clear that European nations should be the main support of their imperiled neighbors.

Joe Kent’s opponent rubber-stamps every billion dollars sent to Ukraine in defense of their borders, while voting against every effort to stop the invasion of America’s border by illegals, drug cartels, violent criminals, known terrorists and child sex traffickers.

Pavenko cannot be faulted for expressing compassion for Ukranians, but he needs to understand that Joe Kent is correct about Biden’s disastrous approach to the Ukraine war, and that, at some point, we must recognize that, regarding America’s national security, any charity should begin at home.

Bob Larimer