Letter to the editor: Peterson the candidate Ridgefield schools need


I am writing this letter in support of Rob Peterson for Ridgefield School District Board of Directors. I have known Rob for a number of years. He’s literally everywhere. Our sons have played on a few teams together, and Rob is always there, ready to help out in any way.

After last year’s teacher strike it became apparent to me that I needed to better understand what is happening at the district level, and I started regularly attending school board meetings. I saw Rob at many of those meetings, too.

I have learned so much over the past year. I have learned about different school specialists, seen teachers highlighted for successful practices and watched presentations on our students’ test scores.

When I saw that Rob was running for the open school board position, I was pleased and not surprised. Rob is exactly the kind of person we need on the school board. He is involved in the schools, involved in the community and always ready to jump in and help. Rob understands that great schools require the backing of a great community. He values transparency, teacher support and community representation. Our schools would greatly benefit from his vision and commitment to seeing our students succeed.

Meghan Peck

Ridgefield resident and parent of three Ridgefield students