Letter to the editor: Peterson the right person for Ridgefield School Board


Ridgefield voters have a big decision to make on our next election ballot. We have the privilege to vote in a new member of our School Board of Directors. With the board dealing with massive growth in our city and preparing to hire a new superintendent, this election is a critical one. This is why I am urging voters to cast their vote for Rob Peterson.

Rob is an independent voice who is invested in our community because he will have children in our district for the next 16 years. I have watched Rob volunteer and give of his time to help make Ridgefield the great place it is today. Rob serves in his church, works with youth, coaches youth sports, helps in our schools and supports his family.

Rob is qualified to serve on our board. He values education, educators and their relationship with our community. He has a business background with experience in business administration and works hard to listen to all voices. Rob Peterson is not seeking this position because of others or for ulterior agendas, he simply wants to help and serve and is passionate about making our schools great.

Rob is mindful of our future. He is keenly aware of the growing pains of our town and the effect it has on our district. He reaches out to support teachers and asks to be a voice to help them help our students. He looks at the big picture and needs of all our students and knows that helping them helps our community. I am privileged to know Rob Peterson and his family and see them as a blessing to our community.

Please join me in voting for Rob Peterson for Ridgefield School Board. Rob is right for Ridgefield.

Amy Draper