Letter to the editor: Please support our dedicated incumbents


When in our democracy did it become acceptable for school board candidates to threaten, intimidate and harass incumbents? In Ridgefield, Battle Ground, Camas, and Washougal, we have been blessed with dedicated incumbents who are working hard to get re-elected so they can continue creating a great education experience for all students. But, this election season, these passionate public servants, who have selflessly volunteered their time, have had to contend with hideous lies spewed on fake websites, ads and social media posts. They’ve faced confrontations at board meetings and even threats to their safety.

These local tactics are part of a national strategy to actively undermine public education. This must stop. We voters have the power to do it. I urge everyone to thoroughly research the school board candidates on your ballot and fully understand who you’re voting for. Consult only trustworthy sources to assess backgrounds, public service records and positions on issues. Most importantly, examine the candidates’ character. There is no place on our school boards for anyone who vilifies incumbents or otherwise intimidates and harasses. Please support our dedicated incumbents. They’ve more than earned our vote. We owe it to our kids.

Janet Birgenheier, Ridgefield


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