Letter to the editor: Please vote yes for Proposition No. 5


La Center is a growing community, just look around. Houses, apartments and townhomes are popping up everywhere. And the growth does not show any signs of slowing down. We have seen other small towns around us turn into medium size cities overnight. We have also witnessed some of the negative things that can come with this kind of rapid growth. One of the biggest being the decline in the local school systems. 

Without proper funding a school district can not keep up with the demand and influx of new students. That is why a “yes” vote for the La Center schools operations levy is more important than ever. The school needs this money to continue the programs and educational opportunities that it currently offers students. 

Without this operations levy the real problems created by the lack of funds will not be seen overnight but will be felt sooner than later. Overtime, that lost money can not be made up nor can the opportunities lost to students because of it. This is not a new tax on school district residents but a continuation of the current tax rate. 

It’s hard to put a future value on an investment made today but any investment in education is going to pay dividends in the future. Think of this operations levy like an investment in the future of your community. A strong school system helps students go further, it helps home values, and it keeps the community growing. Please vote yes for proposition No. 5

Josh Brooks, 

La Center


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