Letter to the editor: Please vote yes for Proposition 7


The Ridgefield School District squeezes value from every dollar spent on new facilities. A partnership with the City of Ridgefield saved taxpayers over $5 million on construction of the middle school by creating shared athletic fields. The fields were paid for by bonding against growth. Impact fees are paying for the shared fields. The middle school was permitted before its bond passed. This was a gutsy move that saved the district taxpayers over $2.5 million and opened the school a full year ahead of schedule. 

Similar savings will be achieved with a yes vote for Proposition 7 to construct a new, desperately needed elementary school and high school addition. The district just completed an extensive earthworks package that has the new elementary school site ready for construction. In addition to saving money by keeping permits active, it builds time into the schedule to accommodate for any material delays from supply-chain challenges. The district also designed the high school addition ahead of time so it can open in fall 2023. Our schools desperately need the space and the district’s continued smart planning will save money that would otherwise likely have to be spent on portables.

Please vote yes for Proposition 7.

Jim Maul, 



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