Letter to the editor: Police chief should have supported officer


Watching the video from the Mendoza incident and following this accounting, the citizens in Clark County were waiting to see if Chief Mori would “have the back” of his own officer.

The chief revealed himself a follower in the position of a leader! 

Karma “pulled” the criminal’s pants down! As it is custom for punks and criminals, they already wear their pants halfway down, if not well below, their butt cheeks! Those same-said pants, when after committing a crime, during evasion, resisting arrest and assaulting the officers involved, fell the rest of the way down.

I thought it clever to threaten the closest area and single most important aspect of manhood, occasionally referred to as a man’s “jewels,” to achieve compliance! She did not tase him; she

threatened to tase him. He did not comply until after she threatened.

All said and done, a repeat criminal was apprehended with a simple threat.

Chief Mori should have been proud, standing in defense! Shocked by the decision to charge Mendoza. We can only guess his political and cowardly actions that further embolden criminals, making policing more dangerous.

Chief Mori’s shame will affect all of us in Clark County.  

Joanne Blanton

Battle Ground