Letter to the editor: Rob Peterson right person for the Ridgefield School Board


I’m writing in support of Rob Peterson for Ridgefield School District Board of Directors. I have had the opportunity to meet Rob a few times over the past few months. He truly is the right person for the Ridgefield school board in this transitional time. He has a passion for education as he comes from a family of educators and is married to an educator.

He has five children, works full time, yet scheduled time to regularly attend school board meetings for the past seven years. Rob is the only candidate for Ridgefield school board who could hit the ground running.

People make the claim of being transparent yet, Rob has exemplified this through his lifelong involvement in education, youth organizations, community and recently his candidate meet-and-greets. When you show up as Rob does, it creates opportunities for natural interactions with all kinds of people. His positive, easy-going personality makes him approachable, and easy for people to engage with him, meaning you won’t just find him behind the dais.

Rob is more than just a candidate; he’s a bridge builder. His goal is simple: what’s best for Ridgefield schools and our community.

Importantly, he hasn’t accepted money from outside groups, ensuring his independence and dedication solely to Ridgefield. His intelligence, coupled with a sincere and thoughtful approach, makes him adept at engaging with diverse perspectives.

I encourage you to attend one of his meet-and-greet events or reach out to him personally. Check out for yourself why so many of us stand behind Rob Peterson for Ridgefield school board.

Let’s shape the future of our schools together! Vote Rob Peterson. rob4ridgefield.com.

Tana Aichele