Letter to the editor: Shame on you Jaime Herrera Beutler 


It has always amazed me at how honesty and integrity goes out the window around election time. Case in point is the television and printed ads by Jaime Herrera Beutler suggesting her opponent Joe Kent wants to take retirees’ Social Security away. This is an outright lie. 

The purpose of the ad is an attempt to scare seniors into supporting Beutler for Congress. She is hoping fear will win the day. She is a less than honest politician and I believe a RINO who turned her back on her constituents long ago. She will obviously use any tactic in the book to win. 

Just as disappointing as Beutler’s disingenuous ads are the people who are complicit in her unscrupulous attempts to scare retirees into believing Kent will take their Social Security away. 

I have worked and lived in the greater Battle Ground area since the mid-1970s and have had the honor to work with hundreds of individuals and community leaders. Had I not witnessed one of those individuals in a recent Beutler campaign ad advancing an obvious untruth to coerce a vote I would not have believed it. I know during election season we see a lot of disingenuous things go on in attempts to win votes. But this one hits well below the belt. Shame on you Jaime.

Lets try to get some integrity back into Congress and join me in supporting Joe Kent.

Dennis Mason,



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  • Allamericanme

    Not a fan of Mrs. Beutler's recent adds designed to scare senior's either. We decided quite a while ago that we would not give her our vote this time around. The recent television adds by her campaign confirmed our decision.

    Tuesday, July 26 Report this

  • traceyoursteps

    Agreed. She's a garbage politician andost definitely a RINO.

    I caught on to her act a long time ago.

    Tuesday, July 26 Report this