Letter to the Editor: Summer breakfast, lunch program accumulates more debt



I guess many parents these days are no longer willing to feed their children.

An increase in the “Breakfast and Lunch Program” is announced. Extra money is being allocated to aid “low-income” parents apparently too busy to provide food.

So kids are being bused into school in summer for meals at taxpayer expense. Supposedly they lack money for food, but if they are that poor, they are likely already on food stamps.

The result is that taxpayers end up paying twice for the same food. In addition, add in the cost of buses and food workers.

Many of us wonder how this kind of madness could take place.

Especially when the USA is $34 trillion in debt. The money for this kind of program is being put on the federal credit card with no way to pay it off.

I must be terribly old fashioned, but when I was in school we ate breakfast at home, and moms made a couple of sandwiches and stuck them in a paper sack and we all ate whatever it was.

In times past, not feeding children was considered child abuse and could be punished by law. Now it is ignored, and taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

Bob Waber

Battle Ground