Letter to the Editor: Support Ridgefield school bond



In the best of all possible worlds, everyone would have a good education and no residents would be asked for a tax increase to provide what schools need. Education ought to be a universally available resource to everyone.

Sadly, this is not the case in the U.S. today. Right now Ridgefield Schools are asking voters to vote YES on two bond propositions that the district sorely needs to build a third elementary school and more. Rooms that were formerly a wrestling room and small theater have been used for regular classrooms. Sometimes two classes share a larger space making for noisier environments where it is harder to learn. Lunch runs to nearly the end of the school day and lunchrooms are over-crowded, meaning students wait longer in lines and then must search for a spot to sit to eat. HVAC systems need improvements. Their noise, too, diminishes learning. Middle school students are cut from sports because of lack of gym space. Dozens of portables do not make schools … and have no lavatories. And the list goes on.

And folks continue to move into our community. An educated populace is the backbone of a democracy. We want and need a good school district. Please support our community by voting YES on the April 23 ballot propositions.

Rheta Rubenstein